Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies

Territorial Dashboard (Pre-Release 2018)

The Territorial Dashboard provides a selected set of indicators, covering several domains, derived by a Reference Scenario based on the LUISA Modelling Platform. The reference scenario is used to build time projections (both future projections and past estimates, when historical data are not available and need to be reconstructed) and place-based projections at different territorial granularity (country, region, sub-region, urban).

The current reference scenario is based on the following reference European trends and policies:

  1. EUROPOP2013 – Population projections. Source: Eurostat
  2. Ageing report 2015 – long-term projections for GDP, employment and productivity. Source: ECFIN
  3. EU Agricultural Outlook: Medium-term prospects for EU agricultural markets and income 2016-2026. Source: DG AGRI
  4. Energy-Climate Package
  5. TEN-T

EU reference projections and scenarios

Regionalisation (Nuts 2,3)

Regional Performances Indicators
Territorial Impact Assessment

Entering the Territorial Dashboard by "Regions" allows you to get an "identity card" for the selected region or country providing information about all the available indicators in the various domains. It also allows to make a trend comparison of the selected region against the other regions belonging to the same adminstrative area.

Entering the Territorial Dashboard by "Indicators" allows you to get EU wide coloured map and detailed data providing a snapshot of indicator trend across all EU regions. It also allow to compare the overtime variation of the selected regions thus providing an easy tool for preliminary benchmarking and projection.

The Territorial Dashboard also offers ad-hoc "Thematic analyses" covering specific topics by the combination of the available indicators with our analytical capabilities.